Frequent Questions / Answers

Kodiak Iron Frequently Asked Questions / Answers

Q. Are your panels galvanized before they are welded?
A. Yes, then they are welded and go through the 10 Step Kodiak Finish Process

Q. Does Kodiak Iron install?
A. No we do not, however we do have a referral list of trusted installation
professionals throughout the country or your product can be installed by local
craftsmen of your choice.

Q. Is installation difficult?
A. No, installation is very easy please see: installation tips “Link to Install
Guide” Anyone with a few basic tools and good attitude can install

Q. Is welding necessary for installation?
A. No, however you can weld the panels if it is necessary

Q. What is required to touch up scratches on panels?
A. We recommend using a Zink rich primer and gloss paint.

Q. Do your panels meet BOCA pool codes?
A. Yes, all of our Yukon panels 4’ and taller meet pool codes, as well as 5’ and
6’ Regal and Summit styles.

Q. Do you deliver? How is freight handled? How to pick-up product?
A. Yes we do deliver, to the local area. Freight is also available to any location. If
you choose to pick-up the product you may do so from one of our distributors

Q. Are gates available?
A. Yes gates and gate kits are available for pedestrian as well as drive gates.

Q. What tools are needed to install?
A. The only tools you need are posthole diggers, a level, string line, a power drill,
a tape measure, and a 3/8” or 9mm nut driver.

Q. Do screws come with mounting hardware? Gate Hardware?
A. Yes screws do come with all mounting brackets and gate hardware.

Q. Do you offer special sized panels?
A. All panels come in width up to 94” during the installation these can be cut
down with a metal cutting saw.

Q. What is powder coating? How does it differ from paint?
A. The Kodiak Powder Coat system makes all the difference. Powder coating is
backed on. The secret ingredient is the cleaning process. Many company
offer powder coating but most do not clean the product properly before the
powder is Sprayed this makes all the difference.

Q. Are their any options available to customize panels?
A. Yes there are a wide variety of customizing options from finials for Regal
panel to adding a ring top to the Yukon panels please see Kodiak Iron website
link for all the custom products.

Q. What are the picket spacing? Can small dogs get through?
A. The picket spacing for all residential panels are 3 7/8” between pickets.
Depending on the size of Coco some dogs will pass through, however dog bars
are available. See Kodiak Iron Website link for dog bars.

Q. What is needed for a sloped yard?
A. For a yard that varies in grade there are two options, first you may want to step
your panels (see inset drawing) or the most common system is to use a rake panel;
that is a panel that adjusts to your yards grade. (See inset drawing)

Q. Is their anything available to mount the panels to a solid surface?
A. Yes, at Kodiak iron we try to meet any installation need. For mounting to hard
surfaces we offer post which have a flange welded to the bottom of the post, to
mount on any solid surface.” Insert Picture”

Q. Does Kodiak Iron offer handrail?
A. Yes, we do. Depending on the height needed most applications would use the
36” Yukon panel, and for steps there is the 36” Yukon Rake panel.

Q. What are the color choices?
A. Classic Estate Black other Colors are avaliable at an up charge.