10 Year Limited Warranty
Kodiak Iron. Hereby certifies that it manufactures the ornamental iron fencing and gates in
accordance with specifications and/or shop drawings supplied by Kodiak Iron. Kodiak Iron assumes
the responsibility of providing products meeting Kodiak Iron’s prescribed specifications. Local
environmental factors vary widely; therefore Kodiak Iron does not guarantee that its product will
perform in any defined manner in any specific environment.
Product failure resulting from defective raw materials and/or manufacturing defects will be warranty for a 10
year period according the table below.

Application Length of Warranty
All Custom Fabricated and welded Steel Gates 1 Year
Fence Installations 0 to 100 Miles from salt water coast line 2 Years
Fence Installations Over 100 Miles from salt water coast line 10 Years

Products sold by Kodiak Iron but not manufactured of Galvanized Steel are not covered by this warranty.
This warranty is issued to the original purchaser and is not transferable.

You MUST retain original proof of purchase for Warranty.

If the product should fail to conform to this warranty, Kodiak Iron shall repair or replace the
defective parts at its discretion. The purchaser shall provide Kodiak Iron with written notice of the
failure, along with proof of purchase, and the nature of the defect. Kodiak Iron must inspect the
material at its plant to determine the validity of a claim. If it is valid claim, all removal, shipping, and
re-installation costs of the materials are the responsibility of the purchaser.
The following acts and/or omissions will void the Kodiak Iron warranty:
• Damage to the product caused by the property owner by use of landscape, gardening equipment, chemicals
that may cause damage. And/or water sprinklers;
• Damage caused by adhesion of chicken wire or other similar substance to the product:
• Damage caused by allowing plant life of any sort to grow directly upon or in contact with any portion of
the product or sap from trees;
• Any alteration to the product itself by the property owner including any on-site cutting or welding; and/or.
• Failure to follow any and all maintenance instructions provided by Kodiak Iron at the time of sale to the
original purchaser even if these instructions are not forwarded to the ultimate claimant under this
• When cutting Kodiak Iron Products immediately seal the exposed surfaces by 1) Removing all
metal shavings from the cut area 2) Applying zinc-rich primer to thoroughly cover cut edge and drilled hole
and, after letting dry, 3) Applying two (2) coats of custom finish spray paint matching fence color. Failure
to seal exposed surfaces per steps I -3 above will negate warranty.
• If contractor uses any non-Kodiak Iron Products parts/components for part of the fence installation, this
will negate the warranty.
Items not covered by the warranty
The Powder coat finish is not covered under the warranty. Local environmental factors vary widely;
therefore Kodiak Iron does not guarantee that the powder coat will perform in any defined manner
in any specific environment. Damage to coating due to shipping and installation is to be expected
and must be adequately touched up or repainted immediately after occurrence by installer to met
original specification standards.
Compensation for an insurable loss. Kodiak Iron shall not be liable for, and this warranty does not
apply to, any failure, defect or damage resulting from or connected with the following: a) misuse,
neglect or improper storage; b) improper application or application not in strict adherence to written
instructions approved by Kodiak Iron; c) impact of foreign objects or animals, fire, hurricane,
tornado or other violent storm or casualty or acts of God. Note: Like other fencing materials, Kodiak
Iron fencing materials cannot be expected to contain a horse or other large animal that wants to
break the fence enclosing it, and therefore Kodiak Iron makes no representations about and does not
warrant against such an occurrence.
Any other cause of failure not involving material and/or manufacturing defects in the product
The above constitutes the complete warranty by Kodiak Iron and no other agreement, written or
implied, is valid.
No person is authorized to change or modify this warranty. Recovery for consequential or incidental
Damages are hereby excluded. This warranty gives you certain specific legal rights, and you may also
have other rights which vary from state to state.